Slurry Pump Shaft

What is the role of the slurry pump shaft?
The pump shaft mainly transmits power and supports the impeller to maintain its normal operation in the working position.
One end is connected to the motor shaft through a coupling, and the other end supports the impeller for rotational movement
When the slurry pump is working normally, the high-speed rotation of the impeller can be driven by the high-speed rotation of the pump shaft.
Therefore, most of the stress on the shaft is variable stress, and the fatigue damage it receives is the main one.

Working characteristics of slurry pump shaft:
The slurry pump shaft works under the combined action of bending and torsion.
So it supports rotation on the one hand and also withstands bending.
Only in this way can the rotational motion and torque of the prime mover be transmitted to the impeller.
Due to the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the liquid can be continuously sucked and discharged into the pipeline.

How to choose the material of the slurry pump shaft?
According to the working characteristics and stress of the pump shaft, carbon steel and alloy steel with better fatigue resistance should be used when selecting materials. The comprehensive mechanical properties of these materials are better.
If the pump speed is not high, and the temperature and pressure of the conveying medium are not high, carbon steel can be used for the pump shaft.
If the pump speed is high and the temperature and pressure of the conveying medium are high, the alloy steel with a relatively high strength should be selected for the pump shaft.
If it is used to transport acid, alkali and other highly corrosive media, the pump shaft is generally made of stainless steel such as lCr18N19 lCr18Ni9Ti.

What You Need

Wet End Parts

Slurry pumps’ wetted parts are essential for operation. It includes the volute liner, throat bush, frame plate liner insert, and the impeller. In order to meet the requirement of different applications, extend the working life, reduce the disassembly and maintenance on the pumps, there are different materials on optional.

drive end parts

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