Polyurethane Impeller


Polyurethane Impeller


Polyurethane Sump Pump Impeller

In actual production, high-hardness wear-resistant alloys such as high-chromium cast iron are often used to manufacture impellers, but the high-chromium cast iron processing process has a high scrap rate. On the other hand, the alloy is also corroded by acid and alkali in the slurry during use. The slurry pump impeller manufacturing material has made new explorations.
Because the two polymer materials of polyurethane and epoxy resin have natural resistance to the corrosion of acid and alkali, in addition, the erosion resistance of these materials can also be comparable to the wear-resistant alloy, plus the polymer material has a low density, The easy processing and other characteristics make people explore the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the three materials of high chromium cast iron, polyurethane and epoxy resin.
Through experiments, it was found that the relative wear resistance of polyurethane is 5.3 times that of high-chromium cast iron, and that of high-chromium cast iron is 10.2 times that of epoxy resin.

The wear of polyurethane is mainly fatigue wear, while the wear of high-chromium cast iron and epoxy resin is micro-grinding. Therefore, the impeller of polyurethane slurry pump has certain advantages in wear resistance.

What You Need

Wet End Parts

Slurry pumps’ wetted parts are essential for operation. It includes the volute liner, throat bush, frame plate liner insert, and the impeller. In order to meet the requirement of different applications, extend the working life, reduce the disassembly and maintenance on the pumps, there are different materials on optional.

drive end parts

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